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How to order?

IF you want to order or handle a claim regarding;

A.Trend by Thomsen Eyewear:

1. Press the "Make Order" button above.
2. Then select the model you want and click on the image of the model. A bigger picture will appear.
3.Select the quantity and colour (s) of interest and press the "add to basket" button on the right.
4. To add more models follow the same procedure again
5. To finish go to the basket by pressing the button "Basket" and make a final check.
6. If you need a replacement, or want to be able to identify a particular model received, please feel free to mark this. Go down to "Additional orders" (white space below) and write e.g
"claim", "Replacement", "To", "Regarding", "Ref". Hans etc.
7. Confirm by pressing the "Place order" button
8. A confirmation will be mailed to you.

B.Our other brands:
1. Go directly to the basket by pressing the "Basket" button.
2. Scroll down to the white space "Additional Orders" and write your order(s) in the white space below. E.g. 1 x WM1005, 01 etc.
3. If you need a replacement, or want to be able to identify a particular model received, please feel free to mark this e.g "claim", "Replacement", "To", "Regarding", "Ref". Hans etc.
4.Confirm by pressing the "Place order" button
5. A confirmation will be mailed to you.

You can always write an e-mail to service@thomseneyewear.dk or call our office on +45 61 71 32 10

The Collection; Trend by Thomsen Eyewear:
The Thomsen Eyewear collection is designed by Gitte Bjerregaard and Morten Thomsen. The first collection was launched 1st of August 2010.

Our goal is to make frames that make you feel well dressed combining the two factors of being very comfortable to wear and add character to ones personality. Each new shape is tested on different faces before the final shape is accepted. Harmony is also a key word. We are inspired by the Danish context in which we live and the Danish design tradition. Character is created by designing with a simple, straight and light touch.

We love colours and therefore try to make " noisy colours without making noise". We are very fond of mat dark and sandy colours, which compliment the colours/tint of most people. We believe colours also help building and adding character to a face.

Our high quality must be visible and felt immediately. For more information please go to the "ABOUT" section.

The Prices are:
Stainless steel: 66 euro / 485 D.kr
B-titanium : 76 euro /568 D.kr
Each frame comes with a case (complementary)

Our other Brands are;

William Morris London:
A highly sellable retro collection with both acetate and metal frames. Lots of POP. To see the collection:

William Morris // www.williammorris.co.uk/

Nickle free and high quality flexiable titanium frames. To see the collection;


Our high quality but low price budget line. Classic men and women.

Pure // Please contact THOMSENS EYEWEAR

Our salesrep. / salesmen;

Our sales team will be happy to visit your shop and show you the latest. If you do not know which salesrep. to contact please feel free to contact our office;

by mail service@thomseneyewear.dk or
call us on phone +45 61 71 32 10.

We will be happy to guide you.

Office Phone: +45 61 71 32 10.
Fax : +45 32 16 40 00
Denmark -International: Morten Thomsen, Manger mobile +45 42 51 23 20
Fyn/Sjœlland-Norway: Gitte Bjerregaard, Sales rep. mobile +45 22 79 71 62
Jylland : Poul Nielsson, Sales rep. mobile + 45 28 60 80 43